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Nordic Place Branding Conference 2017

18-19th January, Helsinki

Do you want your city or region to be more visible to talent, investments and tourists?

The global branding race between cities and regions is getting tighter. All places want to be smart, innovative, green and attractive tourists. How to stand out?

Come learn from the best and find out.

Conference themes:

  • Talent Attraction Management – what strategic assets are needed and how to market them to get more talents
  • Business Attraction Management – how to differentiate in the international competition for business and investments
  • Destination marketing and development – how to make your place more attractive for both citizens and tourists

Access to talent is increasingly becoming a critical factor and bottleneck to growth for many companies. Innovation ecosystems – cluster organisations, science parks and incubators – can play a key role in ensuring attraction, retention and development of talent.

But what are the concrete strategies and tools innovation ecosystems can use to secure access to talent?

Join our upcoming project to find out.

What can cities and regions do to enhance their attractiveness to business investment? How can we integrate business attraction with our general innovation and growth agenda?

This training module will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies, collected from real life best practice cases to inspire you, your team and other stakeholders in your location.

The module is based on the unique handbook “Business Attraction Management for Cities and Regions”.


The aim of Nordic Place Academy is to help make places – cities, region and countries – become more attractive. We do this through a comprehensive offer of training, conferences, study visits and development projects.

Ultimately, our goal is help create more creative interfaces and learning encounters between place actors in different countries – to develop better places.


We organise seminars, workshops and training to spread new inspiration and knowledge and build the capacity of those working to make places more attractive.

For more information:

Mats Segerström
+46 702 67 14 09


Our conferences focus on topical issues such as business and talent attraction and place branding. The aim is to create a preferred forum for place managers in Northern Europe.

For more information:

Per Ekman
+46 707-44 99 80


We run at least one Nordic development project per year – focusing on helping our partners to raise their knowledge level and capacity to deal with a certain issue in a short period of time.

For more information:

Pärtel-Peeter Pere

+46 70 794 90 21


Our study visit programmes is an effective way to promote learning, exchange of experiences and diffusion of best practices. We offer both tailor-made and more standardised packages to meet your needs.

For more information:

Jan Snygg
+46 70 536 53 40